Welcome to the Hereford High School Sports Boosters 

Please join the Hereford High School Sports Boosters!

 Hereford Athletics is largely self-sufficient! Extracurricular activities receive minimal funding from BCPS. Team budgets depend on the fundraising activities of the team and the Athletic Department (admissions to events), along with supplemental contributions from HHS Sports Boosters

HHS Sports Boosters support HHS Athletic teams annually with   

  • ·         $6,000 in scholarship money to senior athletes!
  • ·         maintenance of the concessions and bathrooms at the turf,
  • ·         transportation, along with other designated necessities for teams, and

additionally, for the 2019-2020 school year, we plan to

  • ·         continue stadium improvements!

 BONUSfor HHS Booster members only! (membership renewal is needed each and every year through Stone Alley or with cash or check made payable to HHS Sports Boosters).

1.      Become a Member…and 2. You have the option to purchase a Family Pass for the 2019-2020 regular season athletic games. The Family Pass allows entry to games without paying entrance fees. The passes cost $150 for a family, $50 for one adult, and $35 for one student. 

·     NNOTE: Checks for the FAMILY PASS(separate from Booster Membership) must be made payable to Hereford High Athletics.

You can become a Booster Member right now using the link below for a flyer!


Family Pass payments can be made by sending a check AND a separate membership payment to the address on your membership flyer. 

Or, for membership only visit us at our Stone Alley website


·         Members receive discounts when purchasing items through our other fundraising activities such as the wreath and flower sales. 

·         HHS Sports Boosters is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization – contributions are tax deductible.

We can always use more support on our committee. We welcome you and we need you! Contact us at hhsboostersinfo@gmail.com


Mindy McCue, President HHS Sports Boosters          Michael Ready, Vice President HHS Sports Boosters


The Hereford Sports Boosters is a volunteer organization made up of concerned
parents whose mission is to provide support for Hereford High School athletes and
other clubs and activities at the High School. The purpose is to make the students
experience as a Hereford Bull a memorable one.

The success of Hereford Sports Boosters depends upon parental involvement and
support. This is achieved through volunteer activity, fund raising and attendance and
promotion of School activities.

Help make it happen by joining Hereford Sports Boosters and get involved today.

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Attention All Hereford Bull Fans!!!Have you noticed the new sign for the Hereford Stadium?  This signage is just the beginning of the Hereford Boosters initiative to clean-up, fix-up and maintain the areas surrounding the turf field, including the Concession Stand, Restrooms and La...
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Next Meeting Dates


All meetings are at the HHS Library & the first Tuesday of each month (except summers) unless otherwise stated.

We are actively seeking committe members to build our

  • Banner Sales Program (reach out to local businesses for stadium advertising opportunities) and our
  • Community Building Program (help coordinate events to celebrate our teams)

Do you have spirit for Hereford High! The Hereford Community!  Hereford Athletics! Join Us! We need you!

The Hereford Sports Boosters strive to support Herefor High Athletcs and Programs to continue the long tradition of BULL POWER!



Please visit us at Stone Alley & become a member today!  Your much needed funds go directly to HHS Sports & Activities!!!




Season Passes


Allows entry into all regular season home games without paying entrance fees.  Please note a separate check is required.

Membership levels: $75 for Bull Boost (Qualifies for purchase of a $150 FAMILY PASS), $50 Bull Pride (Qualifies for purchase of a $150 FAMILY PASS), $30 Bull Friend (Qualifies for purchase of a special $50 SENIORS or Individual ADULT PASS, $20 Bull Buddy (students, faculty, alumni) (Qualifies for purchase of a $35 STUDENT PASS) 

Please send the name(s) for the pass, a contact number and separate cash or check made payable to HHS Athletics to:

Mail payment to:   M. McCue, 1126 Piney Hill Road, Monkton MD 21111

Or send payment(s) into school: Attention HHS Sports Boosters

QUESTIONS? Please contact Mindy McCue 240-308-1127, mccue99@gmail.co

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